I prayed for this child and the Lord has granted me what I asked of him. 1 Samuel 1:27

Thursday, August 26, 2010

A few of my favorite things...

It's been a while since my last post. I know everyone is searching for an update. :) So many of you are carrying us along on our journey and we couldn't be more thankful for you all. All is well in our adoption world. Birth mom is doing great and feeling good. Baby O has become very active and is kicking and moving around all the time. We are so thankful to get updates like this and to hear reassuring words that prove to us that everyone is still on the same page. Very soon I should be going with her to the doctor. Words can not even express the joy that I am sure will fill my heart when I get to hear that heartbeat for the first time. It's things like that - hearing the heartbeat, seeing the ultrasound - that I wouldn't want to miss out on just because I'm not carrying the baby myself. I feel privileged that I get to experience these things and will treasure the day I get to share those stories with baby O. I was having a conversation with our attorney today and we were talking about how this is not a "typical adoption"....meaning typically things don't go this smoothly and fall right into place with adoptions. "This is not the norm" Jeannette explained. My answer - "Nothing about me and Jason has been - THE NORM"...we have always been the exception to the rule....from the way we met....to how quickly we broke ground on our house...how quickly we got engaged (yes, in that order). Most recently in the past year we have been the exception to the rule for bad reasons. What were the odds that I would have to have both fallopian tubes removed? What were the odds that we would have such unsuccessful attempts at IVF? We pray that we have suffered down those difficult roads enough to where we can now be the exception to the rule for the GOOD! How awesome would it be to beat the odds and prove that adoptions CAN be a successful experience and fall into place without any major stumbling blocks??? Maybe God is trying to show us that we've suffered enough. I like to think that is what is happening here.

With that being said I would like to share some of my favorite things that we have been collecting for baby O.
The burp cloths that Anne Rae made for me. I adore these....the colors are perfect and I can't wait to use them!!!!
The adorable sock monkey that I bought at the Chelsea Antique Mall....and the lion and lamb were gifts from our very special friends. We were given these the night we found out baby O....is a baby BOY. :)
This shirt is a "hand me down" from my nephew Hudson. Jason and I brought this back to him from our honeymoon trip to Peter Island. I was so touched when Jennifer gave this back to me and said - baby O needs this shirt now. Awww.. :)

The blue baby blanket that Jenny gave me...that has not left our bed since she gave it to me. I snuggle with it every night and it stays tucked in between our pillows. Jason likes to joke that I am not even going to let the baby have it....I am going to keep it for myself. :)

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

The vision...

I realized today that's it's been over two weeks since I've written a blog update. The last time I wrote I was having a really hard time. The fact is, every day is tough....but not nearly as tough as it was that day. We've had a lot of good days too...allowing ourself time to get excited. I even bought a crib. :) The bargain of the year...at a yard sale for TEN BUCKS! I am going to sand it and paint it...I love a good craft project. I also started getting the vision together for baby O's room. I bought some amazing fabric that I'm going to use. I love the way it's all starting to come together. There aren't many things that we can control right now....so I'm clinging to the things I CAN control and have a part in. :) With that being said, here is a picture of the said fabrics. Yes, yes, yes, my loving Auburn friends...that IS houndstooth. I assure you that it has nothing to do with Alabama....I'm just a sucker for the print. I just love it. I'm not sure yet how I'm using all of these fabrics, but I got a great deal on them, so I couldn't resist. :) So it's looking like the colors are going to be chocolate brown, cream, aqua, and green. I am also wanting to throw in touches of red and orange. I can't wait to see it all come together.

Other than that, there really isn't anything new to report. We are just in the long waiting stretch of this process. It is hard not having that daily bonding with the baby. Since I'm not physically carrying the baby, it's hard to feel that connection. That is when our faith really has to come into the spotlight. Hopefully in the near future we can spend some time with birth mom and her family. We would love to be able to talk to baby boy O and let him start to hear our voices.  :)

Please continue to pray for everyone involved in this situation. We can't believe in just a few short months all the things we have dreamed for, prayed for, and hoped for are that much closer to becoming our reality.