I prayed for this child and the Lord has granted me what I asked of him. 1 Samuel 1:27

Saturday, November 27, 2010

Thanksgiving 2010

What a wonderful Thanksgiving! Our first as a family of three! We spent the day out at my aunt and uncle's farm. Gavin got to visit donkeys, a horse, chickens, and fish! A first of many trips to the farm! Thank you God for our little turkey....we are beyond thankful!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Sunday, November 21, 2010

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

The birth story...

November 9th, 2010 Gavin David Oliver entered this world....this is the story of his arrival....

The days leading up the birth day were filled with anxiety for me. I knew that the day was quickly approaching and I was so ready to meet our little man that the anticipation was making me so nervous. I'm sure it was a lot of the same emotions that birth moms actually go through. The day of the birth, birth mom actually had a doctor's appointment scheduled for 10:30 that morning. Jason and I had planned to meet her there so we both started our day normally...went to work...and planned to meet at the doctor's office. Jason gets up early in the morning and leaves for work about the time I get out of the bed. When I got up that morning I was especially nervous and anxious. Before I left for work, I packed a bag with a change of clothes for me....just to be prepared for the hospital. I even wore waterproof mascara that I had not applied in weeks. Something inside me just told me to be extra prepared.

In the weeks leading up to the birth, Jason and I had numerous conversations with our attorney about who would "get the call" that it was time. Jeannette has become a good personal friend to Jason and me. I just knew she would call ME. I was at work, literally shaking....so ready for the time to come to for me to leave and meet birth mom at the doctor's office. At 8:45 my work phone rang.....it was Jason. He sounded very calm and asked me how I was. I just kind of sighed and he said - "just waiting, huh?". I said - "yes". He said - "well.....you don't have to wait any longer....she is at the hospital, and in labor". I, of course, asked - "ARE YOU KIDDING????" He said - "Kara, I am not kidding...get in the car and meet me at the hospital". He was just as calm, cool and collected as Jason always is with me. I will never forget that phone call. As much as I wanted Jeanette to call ME....in the end...it was so special to hear the news from my husband.

A short time later we arrived at the hospital. We were welcomed in the hallway outside her room by her sister and her mom. We all embraced...tears were shed...and we knew the day had come. The doctor predicted that the baby would arrive by lunch time. The incredible thing about this being an open adoption...was that Jason and I were invited to be in the labor room....for the whole incredible event. We will forever be grateful to birth mom to selflessly allow us to witness the birth of our baby boy. A few minutes before noon she started pushing. Jason stood behind me, with his arms around my neck...hugging me and comforted me as I sobbed....the entire time. After a short 30 minutes of pushing....at 12:30 Gavin was born. It was the most special moment of my life....I speak for Jason when I knew it was the most special moment of his life as well. After he was checked, cleaned up, measured and weighed...there was about 30 minutes before they needed to take him to the nursery. I picked up our precious miracle and handed him to birth mom. We gave them time as a family to welcome him into the world and Jason and I went off to the waiting room to embrace with our parents and Jeannette. More tears were shed and we gushed over the fact that the day had finally come that Jason and I became a family of three.

A short time later I was able to go with Gavin and the nurse to the nursery for his initial 2 hour stay. I watched as they bathed him and gave him his first shots. I was able to walk him to the window and show him off to Jason and our family. It was such a special time and something I will never forget. I am so grateful that I was there every step of the way for Gavin. The whole time I was thanking God....Thank you God for this precious miracle...it was the most humbling experience of my life.

As I sit here today....one week later....and reflect on the day of Gavin's birth....I am more than ever thankful for everything Jason and I have been through since the day we got married. We have endured more than any couple should. After all the disappointments during our fertility struggles...I realize now this was God's plan all along. He handpicked this baby for us. The struggles of yesterday...have become today's joy.

Monday, November 15, 2010

Welcome Gavin David Oliver!!!

Gavin David Oliver was born on Tuesday, November 9, 2010 at 12:30 weighing 7 lbs 6 oz and 19.5 inches long. Jason and I are blessed beyond belief at this precious miracle.

I will write more soon...but for now, life is pretty perfect. :)
Moments after he was born...

In the nursery...displaying him to our family through the window.

He's been so alert from the first day.