I prayed for this child and the Lord has granted me what I asked of him. 1 Samuel 1:27

Thursday, March 1, 2012


Tuesday of this week Gavin had his first surgery...he got tubes in his ears! We are so thankful for this step because he has basically kept ear infections in both ears since Thanksgiving. It was definitely time for tubes to get our sweet boy well! The doctor said he had a bunch of fluid stuck behind both ear drums. He has been on an antibiotic for so long now...mommy and daddy are really happy we don't have to worry with that anymore!!! Our prayer is that this set of tubes do the trick and we don't have re-occuring problems (which is definitely possible). I have had tubes about 9 times in my life...so we joke that Gavin is definitely my child!!!!! He has so many of my traits.
Gavin has not started walking yet...well atleast not independently. He will walk just fine while holding our hand, or holding on to the wall...he just won't let go and take off quite yet. We really feel this is because his balance has been off so much from all the ear problems. He isn't talking yet or saying really any words yet either, so the ears could attribute to this problem as well. I realize some children just develop slower, but he has been so on point with everything else...the fact that he isn't walking or talking yet tends to bother me. All in due time though...I'm trying to not "rush" any of this. I'm constantly reminded of the Darius Rucker song..."It won't be like this for long".
Here are few pictures to share from surgery day....
Before surgery

I see your tushy!

He hated the bracelet...he kept trying to take it off.

Headed home! Super chilled and relaxed!
A couple days after surgery Gavin is doing great! He's back to his happy self and doing great at daycare. We are thinking any day now he will be brave enough to just take off walking! I will keep you posted! :)

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